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In the 19th century, the railroad was the motor of development of a Spain immersed in the full Industrial Revolution. The Sierra Morena from Seville did not want to miss this meeting with history. Thus, in 1888, the Cazalla-Constantina Station was inaugurated. In turn, under the protection of that railway with steam engines was born the finca known by the old people of the place as "Paraje del Huéznar", now "Paraíso del Huéznar".

Formerly it was shelter for the cattle that after having been raised in these mountains I was resting here, waiting to be shipped on freight trains. At the same time it was a cork warehouse extracted from the cork oaks of Sierra Morena, also waiting to be shipped. Even silo of the sugar and matalauvacon with those that were elaborated (and still are elaborated), the prestigious anisados ​​and aguardientes of world-wide fame, these are the celebrated Anisados ​​of Cazalla and Constantina.

120 years later his destiny changed. What began as a dream has culminated, becoming a reality, one of the most prestigious Rural Houses in the Sierra Norte Natural Forest of Seville.


About us


At the age of 16 I emigrated to Seville and entered the Art School where I studied.

After exercising for years as a carver and restorer I returned to Seville to expand my academic knowledge, this time related to the Environment.

Subsequently, I decided to expand experiences and knowledge again. In the following decade nothing had to do with the bucolic idea of idea developing activities in the world of art or nature. I started out from scratch and ended up running a telecommunications company based in Barcelona.

It is at the end of that stage where the definitive idea matures. I already had everything I needed, notions of creation and management of companies, knowledge of the native flora and fauna, including art and decoration to give shape and put it into practice.

We began our journey in the Rural Tourism and Nature sector in 2002.

We started with the Rural Tourism House "El Rincón de San Benito". Nestled in the historic center of Cazalla de la Sierra. Six places is your capacity.

Four years later the biggest and most risky of all projects. This was Rural House "Paraíso del Huéznar". Five houses on the banks of the Huéznar River with a total of 26 nominal spaces.

In 2009 we launched "Bicicletas Verde Vía", the perfect cycling tool for direct contact with nature on the beautiful Green Route of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla. At present more than 100 units own our Park.

The latest bet, Casa Rural "Villa Escutia". In full nature with the Greenway at your feet, two houses with a total capacity of 18 places.




In 2011 Award for Best Entrepreneurship around the Greenways of Spain, awarded by the Foundation of Spanish Railways-Fundación Vías Verdes.


Lectures givens


  • Fundación Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente
  • Vía Verde de la Jara, Toledo
  • Vía Verde de la Sierra, Cádiz
  • Facultad de Geografía e Historia de Sevilla
  • Instituto Internacionalde Universidad de Sevilla
  • Casa de la Provincia, Reales Alcázares de Sevilla
  • Ayuntamiento de Castiblanco de los Arroyos, Sevilla
  • Cursos Medio cicloturísticos y Medioambientales
  • Diputación de Sevilla





  • Interview in Onda Cero Programa “Uno de 800”
  • Canal Sur Radio

Television (Collaborations and interviews)

  • España Directo (2 times)
  • TV Castilla-La Mancha
  • Canal Sur
  • Andalucía Directo (5 times)
  • Espacio Protegido
  • Salud al Día
  • Destino Andalucía
  • Tierra y Mar
  • Este es mi Pueblo
  • 75 Minutos


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